Double-Sided Fabric Headband Tutorial

Easy Double-Sided Headband Tutorial


Hey you! Do you want to know how to make your own double-sided ultra-cool fabric headband? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t even have to know how to sew that well- if you can sew a straight line, you can make a headband! C’mon – Let’s do it!




Let’s face it, you’re gonna need some stuff. You need everything pictured, and of course a head on which to wear your awesome new headband. Here’s a typed out list for all you copy/paster’s:

1. Sewing machine

2. Upholstery thread and sewing needle

3. Scissors

4. 2 strips of fabric – I like fabric that’s 2 inches wide, and I just measure my head to figure out how long.

5. 2 buttons

6. 1 elastic hair band

7. 1 safety pin

8. 1 knitting needle (i’ll explain this later)


First, pick two strips of fabric that kind-of go together.


Put the fabric strips with right (pretty) sides together.


Go ahead and stitch the long sides of the fabric with a straight stitch on your machine.


You’re basically sewing a tube here.


Now, on one end, put the safety pin through one side of the fabric tube.

We’re going to use the safety pin to turn the tube inside out, or right-side out…depending on how you look at it.


Now, put the thick end of the safety pin down into the middle of your tube, and put the knitting needle down through the middle of the safety pin with the point side down.


Scrunch the fabric up and pull the point side of the knitting needle out. This should start the inverting process.


Here’s what it looks like when you’re almost done pulling it right-side out.


Here’s what you’ll end up with. A fabric tube.


Iron that tube into submission! I like to steam the seams first, then press it flat. Sometimes I use starch, sometimes not. This time I didn’t, but be my guest.


You’ll have some raw ends to your flat fabric tube now, so go ahead and fold those in like the picture shows. The first one is the raw edge, and the second one is folded inside.


Now you’re going to top stitch. You can use any decorative stitch you want, but I usually just go plain jane here and do a straight stitch.

You’ll want to get pretty close the edge here.

Sew down one long side, one short side and the other long side then stop.



When you get to the last bit that hasn’t been sewn yet, insert your elastic hair band into it, and zig-zag stitch over it. I do this like 3-4 times just to be sure it’s secure.


Here’s what you’ll end up with- unless you did something wrong.


Now, use the upholstery thread and needle to sew the buttons on.

 Line them up so that you can sew them on at the same time, with their backs together separated by the headband fabric.


There. Now that’s nice!


You’re done! Now wear that headband!!!

Keep scrolling to see ideas for ways to wear it!


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